The Board of Directors of the Bridgeport Farmers Market would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers, vendors, and, especially, our customers who helped us make lemonade from lemons this season. The challenges were many but together we were all able to persevere and support our WV farmers while providing a safe space for our fellow citizens to purchase fresh, local meats and produce. We couldn’t be prouder of our team.

The Board would also like to announce that, due to Covid-19 concerns with our indoor space relative to the size of our normal Winter Market setup, there will be no Winter Market this year. However, some of our vendors may be setting up in other locations on their own or as a group during the off-season. And many of our vendors will be taking orders privately for delivery to locations in Bridgeport during the off-months. While we support them in these efforts those transactions are strictly between the particular vendor and their customers. Neither the Bridgeport Farmers Market nor its Board of Directors will be held liable for any vendor/customer issues that may arise from these events.

Please stay tuned here and on all of our social media platforms for the announcement of opening day 2021. And until we meet again, please stay safe and continue to support our local producers wherever and whenever you can.

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