Take A Little Trip with Rus Reppert

This week we have an extra special treat for all of our loyal Marketeers. Long-time FOM (Friend of the Market), former smoothie vendor, and the career record holder for most Market Music Tent appearances, Rus Reppert, has just returned to town from his world-wide travels as bassist for The Davisson Brothers Band and, exclusive to the BFM, took the time to share a few stories from his adventures on the road. And just so we don’t stray too far from our main topic, he also shares a favorite recipe with us.

What’s also apparent here is how important it is to take the time to truly check into the local scene when traveling. Eat at the local restaurants (even if you can’t stand the heat), shop at local stores, and breathe in the local atmosphere. Maybe the world would be a better place and we could all understand each other just a tiny bit better.

Rus, it’s all yours. And, Thanks from all your friends at the BFM. Glad to have you home.

The shishito peppers used in Rus’s dish can be found at Market vendor Jennings Brae Bank Farm during the late summer weeks of the Outdoor Market. Of course, this Sunday we move indoors for the first Market of our Winter season. You’ll find us inside the friendly confines of the Bridgeport Conference Center from 11am to 2pm. Please make note, that’s an 11am start time not 10am like the Summer Markets. See you there!

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