Sweet Success

This week, Kaycee Crislip from My Little Cupcake reflects on their time at the market, the importance of local ingredients, and the impact their kids have had on their business. Be sure to stop by for some cupcakes this Sunday!


My Little Cupcake has been a part of the Bridgeport Farmers Market for 6 seasons! Although the market has become routine to us, it’s still very much a piece of our business. It makes us stay creative. It allows our kids to be included in our business. And, we have formed many friendships in the market community.


We love exploring the vendor stands at the market. Each week we do a walk through to see who all is set up and what produce is ready. Chatting with farmers and other artisans provides a different perspective on how to use their [local] product: honey, strawberries, herbs and more! We have made strawberry ice cream with Sweet Hollow Farm’s strawberries. We have used honey from AWAG Bees for honey lemon cupcakes. We have even used chicken from Indian Creek for chicken salad sandwiches. And, in the shop you will find Quantum Bean coffee. The market has taught us the importance of buying local.

The market has allowed for our kids to be more involved with our business. For those who don’t know – we have 3 kids. The business takes up a LOT of our time, so any time they can be a part of it is great! Yes, they do help with the garbage in the shop and wiping down tables, but when Sunday hits, one of them is generally in the MLC trailer running the register. They even help tearing down the market.


Aside from the market being a big reason we *finally* have a storefront in Bridgeport, the best thing the market has done for us is provide friendships. I mentioned the market being routine for us now. It’s because:

1. We have baked a LOT of cupcakes since 2014

2. The vendors and market-goers make it enjoyable

We have formed relationships with many of you – we know your favorite cupcake, we remember your kids, and we enjoy talking with you even if you aren’t purchasing anything. YOU are the reason that My Little Cupcake continued after the 2014 market season.


So, almost 6 seasons down – Frankie, myself and the kids thank YOU for supporting us, encouraging us and following us from storefront to storefront and popping by at the market. We cannot wait to see where MLC grows!



Author: heidinawrocki

Soap maker. Knitter. Farmers market junkie.

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