Beat the Heat at the Market

Happy almost July! The summer is heating up fast and there’s no better place to be than at the market. The pool is a close second, but the good news is you can always go to the pool AFTER you visit the market!


You’re probably wondering how on Earth you can beat the heat when the market is outside in the heat? Well, my first tip is to come early! Some mornings, we see our loyal customers starting to arrive as early as 8:30. We appreciate all our early risers, but just remember that our farmers can’t sell you that pint of strawberries until the bell rings at 10 AM.


But, definitely arrive by 10. Since it is still early in the growing season, some things are in high demand. The earlier you get to the market, the better your chances are of picking up that box of raspberries or the vine ripened tomato. If you do get there before 10, use the time to get to know our farmers. Unless of course they are still trying to set up! Many love to talk about their farms, animals, and why they love the market.


Since you’re here early, take some time to make some laps at the market. It will make your FitBit happy and allow you to take in all the market has to offer.


Now that you’ve walked some laps and bought your produce (and maybe a bar of soap or pair of earrings!), check out our food vendors. Several delicious lunch items are available weekly, as well as cupcakes and kettle corn. Pick up your grub of choice and stay cool under our dining tents. These tents are here for you to use, so sit down and stay a while!


It might not be just you you are worried about keeping cool at the market. Maybe you bring your favorite four legged companion along. Did you know that the market has complimentary dog bowls, located with Heelbilly Hound Treats? Last year, Sheila offered doggie ice cream, so it might be worth a check to see if she has some this summer!


And speaking of ice cream, be sure to stop by My Little Cupcake on your way out to pick up some ice cream for yourself!


Author: heidinawrocki

Soap maker. Knitter. Farmers market junkie.

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