The Rhythm of the Seasons: Summer

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


Ah, yes, summer is here! After what seemed like a never ending winter and chilly spring, we will be seeing summer in all it’s glory this weekend. And at the market! A lot of early summer produce is already gracing the tables of some of our farmers, but do you know what to expect this time of year?


First, let’s talk about what you won’t find. Asparagus is done for the season. It’s a quick season crop, but one that is oh so tasty. It’s the first crop that Barbara Kingsolver and her family devoured in their year long food experiment that she retells in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. In case you didn’t know, we are starting a BFM Book Club! Click the link to join – we start July 1!

Unfortunately, strawberry season is over. Strawberries love the cool temperatures of spring, so once the mercury rises, they quit producing. Some greens are harder to grow in the summer, but several of our farmers have techniques to continue the greens harvest all year. I visited Mt Hollow Farm today and saw a really nifty hydroponics set up for lettuce and other greens.


Many of our farmers have high tunnels and are able to extend their seasons – plant earlier in the spring and extend the harvest well past frost. Tomatoes, peppers, and green beans have all made an appearance this season, as well as cucumbers and the start of zucchini.

Many of the summer vegetables require little to no preparation. This comes in handy when the temperatures soar and grilling is the mode of cooking for a lot of us. Green beans and zucchini can be tossed in some olive oil and tossed on the grill. Sliced tomatoes are good with just about anything!


My family and I have been enjoying this salad recipe for a few years and now is the time to start making it as you can pick up all of the vegetables included at the market!


Garlic will be harvested soon, but you can pick up garlic scapes now. You can find carrots and don’t forget microgreens! They make an excellent topping to that grassfed burger from the grill. Corn isn’t quite ready yet, or eggplant. You certainly won’t find pumpkin or butternut squash until fall, but who wants to fuss with these vegetables that require a more intense cooking and preparation than tomatoes? As with the natural rhythm of the seasons, our bodies will begin to crave those warmer comfort foods using fall squash and cabbage. But, only after we’ve had our fill of tomatoes, corn, and beans.

All of us at the Bridgeport Farmers Market hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July this week! Be sure to pick up all you need for a stellar local foods cook out.  We want to see what you find! Be sure to use the #mybfmhaul to show us you market haul for the week!

Until next week, stay fresh!

Author: heidinawrocki

Soap maker. Knitter. Farmers market junkie.

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