The BFM’s Future Annie Leibovitz

The BFM is lucky to have lots of volunteers young and old but our little 8-year-old spark plug, Chloee Crislip, is extra special. Chloee is the daughter of Frank and Kaycee Crislip of My Little Cupcake. She is always hanging around wanting to help out. And Chloee is not one of those kids that balks when you give her a real job. Last week I (somewhat jokingly) asked her to move two of our cast iron tent weights never dreaming she’d even try let alone be able to pick one up. I mean these things are nasty-rusty and seem to have boll weevils growing all over them. Last season I tore a fingernail off when the two I was putting back in our truck slipped and pinched my fingertip. Well, Chloee didn’t just move them she put them on the tent corners where they belong.

In addition, Chloee is becoming quite the photographer. Under the tutelage of our official cameraman, Daniel Raines, she is now out on her own and spends just about all four hours of the Market shooting anything that catches her eye. Check out the photos below and even more in the photo gallery on the right side of the page and you can judge for yourself. Thanks for the shots, Chloee. But please don’t try to pick those weights up again!

All of the above shots were taken by Chloee at the Market on May 27.

See the gallery on the right panel of the page for more pics.


Chloee, camera in hand, one Sunday last season. Photo by Daniel Raines.
And Chloee in action this season. Photo by Daniel Raines.


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