In Their Own Words: Love Shyla

Bob’s Note: This week we present another in our series of posts where we let the vendors tell you a little about themselves. This time around we are featuring our new cut flower vendor, Love Shyla. Shyla is also the Market’s newest vendor having setup for the first time last Sunday. As you can see in the pictures below she may just have the most beautiful tent at the Market. Be sure to follow Love Shyla on her blogsite (which is where this post was first published), on Facebook, on Instagram, and finally on Pinterest if that’s your thing. Welcome to the BFM, Shyla!


My Flower Stand at the Farmer’s Market

Shyla Yoder – Love Shyla


The Bridgeport Farmer’s Market was so gracious to grant me a space at the market. This past Sunday we debuted our garden-grown flowers and natural arrangements for Love Shyla and had such wonderful success!

The process of getting ready was invigorating, I felt so excited to re-establish my business here in West Virginia, and so warmly welcomed!

Flower prep started early Saturday morning at dawn when the air was crisp (beginning to feel like autumn) and dew fresh on the ground. After tying my canvas apron around my waist (handmade by my dear friend Sue) I cut flowers on long stems, bucketfuls at a time. Organizing them by color theme, considering how I would arrange them. Each flower had it’s leaves and foliage removed for better workability.




When all the flowers were cut, I moved inside, flower buckets filling the room around an empty work table and floral snips in hand. | This is my favorite part. | Having a roomful of living beauty in a vast display of unique colors, shapes and sizes is so invigorating – the art just comes alive – I’m sure you’d feel the same way!

I started with the large vase arrangements, which take the most thought but are one of my favorite results, then moved onto paper-wrapped bouquets, designed for you to arrange yourself, in various assortments and then filled several small vessels with miniature flowers like charms.

Sunday was funday. Flowers all arranged sitting in buckets ready to deliver to the market. We set up with the other vendors while the morning was still quiet, the sweet man beside us who does leather works (Gene from Tanner Leather Works), made it all the better (he is making a custom braided camera strap for me – ask him for anything leather and he’ll be delighted to make it for you).

We enjoyed <each> and <every one> of you who stopped by. It was truly a delight to share our flowers with you. Thank-you for your kind words, letting me hold your babies, chats about weddings, flowers and for each purchase. I hope that your blooms are brightening wherever you reside and make your spirit feel lighter this week.

> Below is a recap of the market bouquets we put together; flower specifications included.


Our table setup and ready to go.



Spring Bouquet
Cream dinner plate dahlia’s complimented by the beautiful shades of aging lime-light hydrangea, double click cosmos, flamingo feather and marigold.


Summer Bouquet
Warm, happy shades of pink zinnia and dahlia mixed with tangerine, sunflower yellow, Queen Anne’s lace and tropical greens.


Summer/ Autumn Bouquet
If you’re like me you like a bit of a romantic spin on Autumn. I mixed the coral pink dahlia’s of summer with complimenting deep burgundy amaranth and celosia, golden yellow teddy bear sunflowers and peaches & cream pom pom dahlias.


Autumn Bouquet
The burntest burnt of orange with dark rust rudbeckia and amaranth, a mix of yellows from sunshine to saffron sunflowers, celosia and craspedia drumstick softened by peaches & cream pom pom dahlia’s.
I had several bouquets of lime light hydrangea’s as well. It debuted in the beginning stages of their beautiful pink and bronze aging season.



 Our Next Market Dates

We were so sad to run out of arrangements but will come back with more  in two weeks!
(Feel free to leave me a comment of what you’d like to see!)

September 10th
September 24th
October 8th


Thanks again to everyone who stopped by, it was such a delight to meet you. Come see us next time!

If you’re new here, stop on over to my Instagram, where I share a daily dose of flowers and check out the beauty page on the website to see more of my floral work. You can contact me here if you have any wedding or event needs –
I’d be delighted to be your flower girl.









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