In Their Own Words: Falling 4 Ewe Farm

Bob’s Note: This week we continue our “In Their Own Words” monthly series with one of the Market’s newest vendors, Falling 4 Ewe Farm from Flemington, WV. Stop by and welcome Seth and Lacey Lucas today. Oh, and a Bob Recommendation, try the Chorizo!

It all started with 4 acres, 4 chickens and a dream of
self-sufficiency. We had watched the documentary, Food Inc., and it
forever changed how we viewed our diet. We were no longer happy buying
meat from the store that came from animals who had never had the
chance to be happy. Happiness for an animal is a chicken chasing bugs
along the ground, a lamb frolicking in the green grass and a rabbit
happily munching on fresh clover. We wanted to eat meat that was
raised with morals and ethics in mind. We had no farming experience
but we had ambition and a dream and that was good enough.

Lacey and the Hounds
Lacey Lucas with the farm dogs, the Great Dane, Pluto (l), and the Anatolian Shepherd, Blaze (r), AKA LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog)

We started Falling 4 Ewe Farm on 4 acres in Flemington, West
Virginia. In the beginning, we just wanted to raise enough food for
ourselves but as we went along our journey we had an overwhelming
amount of support from people we barely knew. As we began to grow our
family it became clear to us that this is what we were meant to do.

We adopted our first child from the foster system and after he was
diagnosed with autism we started researching the correlation between
food and how our bodies process it. With our research, we realized
just how much good, clean food could help his condition and give him
the best chance possible at a fulfilling life. We will soon be adopting two more amazing children that we were blessed to take care of and now we know that there is no turning back.

We want our children to grow up knowing where their food comes from and how much better it tastes as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you raised it yourself and it had a great life.

Goats on pasture
Happy Goats at Falling 4 Ewe Farm

Values and morals are at the core of all that we do. We believe
that every animal deserves love and attention and an opportunity to
express its own uniqueness. We raise all of our animals on pasture,
whether that is in rabbit or chicken tractors or in paddocks that are
routinely moved to fresh grass.

Our children love picking grass and flowers for the chicks in the brooders and give all of the rabbits, sheep and goats lots of cuddles when the animals will allow them to. We are a completely transparent operation and love having customers out to the farm to learn about where their food comes from.

Brooder Babies

We raise seasonal, pastured meats. During the summer we carry
chicken, duck, goose and rabbit. During the fall and winter we carry
lamb, goat, and pork. We do on-farm processing for all of our summer
meats and we work with an amazing processor for our winter meats. We
strive to keep things local and help other small businesses like
ourselves by using a processor within our community and buying from a
nearby feed store.

Jacobs on pasture

We have grown exponentially over the last few years and have had
great support from our community. We have leased land from several
surrounding neighbors and bought 50 acres in hopes of moving the farm
to Weston, West Virginia.

The Bridgeport Farmers Market has been a great experience for us thus far in growing our business and we are thankful to have an opportunity to be a part of it. We look forward to meeting new customers and sharing our passion for ethically raised meats with them.

Seth Lucas explains the finer points of raising goats at the Market earlier this season


From our family to yours, may your plate always be full and your
conscience clear. We hope to see you at the market!

-Falling 4 Ewe Farm

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