The Customers Speak for Themselves

This year we have it as our mission to hear more from a group that, up to this point, has been under-represented here on Let’s Get Fresh; the loyal BFM customers. The following are just a few samples of the feedback we’ve received via the Market Facebook page since opening day. And later this summer we’ll have a special blog post from one of the Market’s oldest and most loyal customers and his family. If you recognize your quote here come by the Market Info tent this Sunday and prove it and receive a token of our appreciation.

Speaking of contests I want to give a shout-out to Deb Sambol who correctly named all the rock and roll references in my last post. Actually, she found a few I didn’t even realize I had put in there! Deb received a $20 Market gift certificate for her effort. Thanks, Deb!

Customers waiting in line for brunch at opening bell, May 21, 2017

A couple of housekeeping notes about the website. First off, you will now find a copy of the WV Seasonal Produce Availability Calendar on our new BFM Vendor Page. So, while you’re perusing our list of farmers you can also see what they might be offering in the coming weeks and months. Secondly, each week we will be posting a photo gallery of the prior week’s Market as well as a handy guide to the music, chefs, and special events that will make up the next week’s Market. And finally, each week we’ll be sharing the theme of the upcoming week’s Market according to our resident poets, the Bards of Yellow Wood. They always come up with something unique. For all that content, simply look to your right!

All pictures including the ones here and in the gallery to your right courtesy of Daniel Raines of Raines Photographic.

I was amazed at the selection of different types of meats available–beef, pork, lamb, chicken, deer jerky, as well as the various vegetables and homemade items. Awesome!!! Making this a weekly trip throughout the summer. – BFM Customer after attending Opening Day 2017 via Facebook


Laura Morgan, aka The Chicken Lady, from Sweet Wind Farm


Tons of fresh produce and meats. There was a great variety of vendors – everything from hand crafted soaps to a leathersmith. Tons of food available and everyone (vendor) I spoke with, plans to be there each week.  – BFM Customer after attending Opening Day 2017 via Facebook



The beautiful array of spring flowers at Dave’s Greenhouse


Local honey, green onions, romaine lettuce, and some AWESOME pickles, candied hot peppers, and Chipotle peach sauce! Along with a couple of new recipes for a candied hot pepper dip and sweet and spicy meatballs! Sooooo good! – Loyal BFM customer recounting her purchases at Week #2 via Facebook


A great variety of spring vegetables from Richardson’s Farm


Enjoyed my morning at Bridgeport’s Farmers Market. You need to try “House On the Hill Soap Co.”s Chocolate Espresso soap. Also had a good breakfast, the vegetable omlet. Lot of nice plants and flowers. – BFM Customer after attending Opening Day 2017 via Facebook


Patrick taking his eye off the grill for a second while manning the tent of our newest food vendor Rural Roots


My happy place. .top quality of everything. .organic veggies, ,real chemical free meats and pastry.. – BFM customer from earlier this season via the Market Facebook page


The best sides of both your friendly blogger and his favorite person in the world and newest BFM volunteer.


Next week in this space we will present the debut of our newest regular contributor, the Frugal Foodie Mama herself, Carrie Robinson. Carrie is already hard at work for next week’s family recipe which she will test and then share here with you, our loyal readers.

Until then, Stay Fresh!

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