A Wild and Wonderful Table: The Recap

Last Saturday dawned bright and beautiful, a great day for a Wild and Wonderful Table. This year the Market decided to change things up a bit for our fundraising event. First off, the event is now branded with a spiffy new name and logo. Secondly, we decided to take it on the road. To Sutton, WV, to be exact. And lastly, we decided to up the ante by inviting chefs from all over the region to participate. Using the freshest, local ingredients available from the BFM they created some amazing dishes. Wild and Wonderful, indeed!


So now you’re asking, why Sutton? Good question. One that even I asked when it was first proposed. I think it partly has something to do with the Market becoming recognized as one of the finest, if not the finest, farmers markets in the state. Couple that with the fact that the Market has grown to become much more than just a farmers market for folks in Bridgeport. Any given Sunday we see folks from all over the region. And we have vendors from at least 15 counties. And since Sutton is the geographic center of the state (who remembers 8th grade WV History class?) it made sense. At least we think it did and everyone who attended agreed! We are also fortunate to have two major fans in Anthony Majestro and Jennifer Meinig. Tony and Jennifer opened up their beautifully restored Sutton home, known as The Kelly House, and played host and hostess for the evening.

Our gracious hosts for the evening, Jennifer Meinig and Tony Majestro. Tony was also our Chief Lighting Technician!

As for the chefs I think I will let the following pictures of their dishes speak for themselves. All of the chefs donated their time and dishes and for that the Market is eternally grateful.

Starting in the upper left and going clockwise we start out with Chef Michael Diethorn from the Country Vintner of WV and his beautifully presented and yummy Smoked Ham & Rosemary Biscuit Sliders. Next is Chef Jay Mahoney and his Pierpont Culinary Academy students’ Duck, Pistachio, and Dried Fruit Terrine (for those following along at home this is as fine an example as you’ll find of Garde Manger that Chef Jay talked about here two weeks back.) Our third dish is Bridgeport Conference Center Chef Joe White’s scrumptious Pork Rillette Crostini followed by the lovely Melody Urbanic of Cafe Cimino in Sutton showing off Chef Tim Urbanic’s delectable Eggplant Involtini.

Again clockwise from the upper right we have Chef Cody Thrasher of Cody’s in Bridgeport putting the finishing touches on his surprisingly rich Cantaloupe Gazpacho. Chef Geoff Kraus of Thyme Bistro in Weston contributed his Rabbit Hand Pie (this blogger’s personal favorite) and to end the meal on a high note we had a decadent Cape Gooseberry Bavarian Jaconde prepared by Chef Pamela Delaude of Mia Margherita in Bridgeport. Of course, no great meal would be complete without a few craft cocktails, in this case shaken and stirred by mixologist Rilley Lydon of Tin 202 in Morgantown.

And this is just a sampling of the dishes as each chef presented one and in a few cases two more dishes than what is shown here. And I can speak the gospel truth here as I had at least one of everything (and seconds on most!), it was truly a gourmand’s delight in Sutton that night.

Let’s hear it for our chefs! L-R: Chef Joe White, Cody’s Sous Chef Anna Estenson, Chef Cody Thrasher, Chef Pamela Delaude, Chef Jay Mahoney, and Chef Geoff Kraus

And two that missed the group shot: Chefs Michael Diethorn and Tim Urbanic

Now, if you think the dishes are works of art then wait until you see a backyard transformed into a rustic yet somehow elegant outdoor banquet hall. Perfectly fitting for our theme, A Wild and Wonderful Table.

Ready, Set, Go!
It’s a full house!
Feathered’s Quinn Edgell designed the decor and here she puts some last minute touch ups in place. Our beautiful flowers were all courtesy of Market vendor Rising Moon Farm.
And it’s a wrap. A very successful first Wild and Wonderful Table.

And, again, going hand in glove with our theme was the pure, authentic bluegrass sound of two folks who are quickly earning a place in the Market’s heart and our pantheon of great musicians, Hillary Kay and John Posey. Hillary and John will be back at the Market next Sunday so you can come out and hear what I’m talking about.


And no fundraising event is successful without people attending and having a great time. Here are just a few folks having way too much fun. I know I did. If you like what you see here watch for the 2017 edition of A Wild and Wonderful Table around this time next year.

All photos courtesy of Daniel E. Raines who is pictured in the red shirt above. Wait a minute, who took that picture then?! Thanks Daniel!

Before signing off I just want to give a shout out to the Greater Clarksburg Kennel Club who will be having their annual “The Market Goes To The Dogs” day at this Sunday’s Market. And we also have the return of our most eclectic musical performers, Ancien, for their annual stop at the BFM.

Until next week, Stay Fresh!

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