Waiting For A Miracle

Bob’s Note: In the wake of last week’s devastating floods in the southern part of our great state our regular first Sunday of the month blogger, Chef Jay Mahoney, filed this dispatch instead of his usual food advice. The thing he neglects to mention here is that he sent this to me on his way out the door for Rainelle and White Sulphur Springs where he was heading to cook and serve hot meals to the folks affected by last week’s floods. 

It’s been pretty difficult to think of anything other than the many victims from last week’s flooding, and that’s a good thing. Social media seems to have shown us more of what is actually happening out there than we’ve ever seen before. Everyone seems to have the ability of capturing exactly what’s happening in their neck of the woods at the precise moment of the event or disaster in this case. We always hear about these things through news media but it’s only been in recent years that we are now able to see things while they’re going on from multiple locations.  I’ll never forget waking up to the news in Phoenix as I watched the Today Show interviewing folks from my home town of Parsons after the 85 flood. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming to say the least, and that was in the aftermath. Now as the southern part of our state was besieged with rain and flooding those of us in the upper region could plainly see what was happening to our friends, relatives and neighbors, and respond to their needs quickly.

Jay is pitching in with Mercy Chefs who have been on site serving hot meals to those affected in White Sulphur Springs and Rainelle since last Saturday.

How does this all relate to my blog for the Bridgeport Farmers Market? That’s easy! Community. How awesome is it to see the outpouring of support and disaster relief? What kind of people do we see frequenting our market? Pretty sure these are the very same folks that care the most about the region in which they live as well as their personal health, health of their children and those around them making up the fiber of the community. How do I presume to know this? Nothing proves this more than the incredible support shown last Sunday at the market in the form of donations!

It was a constant stream of giving! Whether it was monetarily, food supplies, cleaning supplies or items of comfort or clothing, it was a beautiful sight! Obviously these are the kind of people that would have found a place to donate regardless but they chose the Bridgeport Farmers Market to do so. Again, a little social media can go a long way. It made me feel proud to be a part of a response to such a horrendous natural disaster.

Market volunteer Bryan Postlethwait and Chef Jay watching over just part of the booty donated by BFM customers for flood relief at last week’s Market.

There are simply too many people to thank in this blog but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a few of the folks that helped to pull this off last Sunday.

We’re grateful for the fact that many of our vendors made donations, but I feel that special thanks should go out to a few like Dirty Hippie Creations and Annie Neeley Music for donating portions of their sales that day. Also thanks to Chef Joe White of the Bridgeport Conference Center for his efforts in traveling to Clendenin to provide food for his neighbors and friends. Bonds Creek Farm Market and Bryan & Cheri Postlethwait deserve major kudos for their numerous runs to affected areas with donations, water, food, and supplies. So, I’m sure I’ve missed several, please forgive me. This is a brief and simple blog and my intention was not to give figures but it was impossible for me to write on any subject other than the destruction and inconvenience of so many unfortunate brothers and sisters throughout the Wild & Wonderful state of West-by God!

Annie Neeley and her band donated all of the proceeds from their CD sales to flood relief at last week’s Market

I’ll finish with a most sincere thank you from myself and the board of directors of the Bridgeport Farmers Market. It is a privilege to be associated with the many great folks that comprise the family which helps to sustain the great belief and effort to get back to the things that are truly important: the health of our planet and our self-preservation. And this certainly encompasses everyone who contributed last Sunday as well as those of you who support your communities through outlets like our market here at Charles Pointe!

“Somewhere out there there’s a land that’s cool,

Where peace and balance are the rule,

Working for the future like some mystic jewel,

And they’re waiting for a, and they’re waiting for a, and they’re waiting for a miracle.”

From “Waiting For A Miracle” by Bruce Cockburn

Just to go out on a high note after so much hardship here is quite possibly the best picture ever taken at the Bridgeport Farmers Market! She somehow kind of makes everything worth fighting for, does she not?

See you Sunday!  Jay


This week we feature two BFM debuts. First off under the Music Tent we are pleased to welcome Bridgeport singer/songwriter/storyteller Nat Frederick. And under the Chef’s Demo tent will be newcomer Chef Jason Fleck of the 1863 Grill in Elkins.

Also this week the folks at My Little Cupcake will be collecting flood relief donations for delivery next week. See Frank and Kaycee at their trailer while you’re at the Market.

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