A Market Refresh

As we turn the page over to May and stand two weeks out from the first outdoor Market of the season I’d like to present the two newest pieces of the Market’s marketing program. First off is our new logo which you see above. We love the color fade of the “greens” and the idea of a root vegetable. It could be anything, an onion, a beet, a radish, a turnip. These are all vegetables that you will find at the Market as the season progresses. Let us know in the comments what you think of the new look.


The other exciting news is the launch of a new Facebook page called Beats At The BFM which is devoted exclusively to the musicians of the Market. There you can keep track of our weekly schedule of musicians. We will also be sharing posts about our musicians so if you hear someone you like you’ll be able to see other venues where they will be performing. And we’ll also post links to some of our favorite songs as well as the occasional musing about a well-known musician. For example, if you go there now you’ll see our little tribute to Prince. We’ll be adding a sidebar for the new FB page to this site below the main FB page link on the right.

Until next time, Stay Fresh!


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