Welcome to Let’s Get Fresh!

Welcome to our new WordPress blog about all things Bridgeport Farmers Market! As in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Not Connecticut or Ohio which both also have towns called Bridgeport.

This is a continuation and expansion of our blog that was first published in 2013 on our local news website, Connect-Bridgeport. We will still be published there each Sunday morning but we will be sharing more content as well as our weekly blog posts here on WordPress. You can see all of our previous posts on Connect-Bridgeport by clicking here: http://connect-bridgeport.com/connect.cfm?section=Lets-Get-Fresh

I’ll be joined in this endeavour by regular contributors Heidi Nawrocki and Chef Jay Mahoney as well as a revolving list of vendor and customer guest bloggers.

Thanks for stopping by and please follow us! Oh, and Stay Fresh!

Blogmaster Bob Workman


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